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Calgary Home Inspection Services

Quality control inspections is a home inspection company based out of the Calgary area.

Quality control inspections is fully licensed and certified and offers the following types of Inspections.

Prepurchase Home Inspections, starting from $435

Infrared Thermal Inspections, starting from $625

New Build/ Large Reno Phase Inspections, prices vary from case to case.

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Quality control inspections is a fully licensed and certified Home inspection company. We specialize in Pre purchase, Phase inspections and Infrared Thermal inspections. In recent years Home inspections have become an important part of the overall home buying experience.

When you use QCI to perform a home inspection, you are benefiting from years of experience in the home construction business. I will not only be inspecting the major components of the home, but I’ll be inspecting how these components work together and the quality of the workmanship. Quality control inspections aims to bring certified professional experience through inspections to the private new home building and renovation sector. Our goal is to ensure the quality of work and take a detailed report of materials styles and timelines of work performed.

Through phase inspection we’re able to inspect the major systems and components of a home, unhindered by limitations like roof, outdoor and indoor wall coverings. In this way we are able to give you the homeowner the clearest understanding of the scope of the project.

We encourage you to join us on each inspection. A first-hand account of the Home Inspection will only help explain the report. You will receive a report within 24 hours after the completion of each inspection. In the report you will find the CAHPI/InterNachi Standard fulfillments, method of construction used in the building of the home, a list of materials used in the construction of the home, and any conditions in the home that need to be addressed before buying the home.

QCI offers Phase Inspection to clients that are building new homes, restoring old homes or are taking on large renovations in the Calgary area. The inspection is based on the Tarian Warranty Corporations List of guidelines.The new Home Build, is inspected in four different phases.

During the first Phase Inspection, the pouring off the basement/ foundation is it inspected. The quality of the concrete and the technique used in the pouring the basement is noted. Once the basement has been poured and cured the floor and walls are inspected for significant cracks and changes in material. QCI also ensures that the backfill process is done correctly, so that your property has the correct lot grading away from your home to ensure proper drainage.

During the second Phase Inspection, the structure is inspected. This includes the floors, walls, ceiling and roof framing. Spans of beams, pillars and columns or inspected to ensure the proper support for the floors, walls and ceiling.
The third Phase Inspection focuses on the electrical, plumbing and HVAC Systems that are installed in your home. QCI focuses on the quality of the materials used in the manufacturing of these systems and the quality of the workmanship of the contractors that are used to install the systems. QCI also takes time check the placement of the termination points of the systems inside and outside of the home, making sure they comply with the CAHPI and InterNachi standards of practice, and are going to end up being aesthetically pleasing.

The fourth and final Phase Inspection is a final Pre Delivery inspection. This is where the quality of workmanship used by the trades that performed the drywall/taping, painting, finish carpentry, tiling and hardwood flooring etc. is inspected.

As the price of real estate in Calgary grows, it is becoming more important for homeowners and project managers to receive inspections from a third party in order to minimize additional expenses by ensuring Quality is controlled and CAHPI/ InterNachi Standards are met throughout the duration of the project.

Municipality and project lenders we’ll complete their own inspections during the build process, however, these inspectors are only commissioned to ensure that the work is completed to a certain stage or city code. QCI focuses on your project completion with an emphasis on Quality of work.

QCI uses online Horizon software to report to the client. The report is the story of the build process and will serve as a user-manual for the home owner in the years to come. We also offer to pre purchase inspections, pre-selling inspections pre-renovation inspections and problem-solving inspections.

QCI offers noninvasive, certified (Jonty Kruger License# 341713) Home Inspections in the Calgary area. The home inspection process can be tough on homes, so we aim to be thorough while leaving the home as we found it. We encourage you to join us on each inspection. A first-hand account will only better explain the home inspection report that you will receive within twenty four hours by e-mail.

In the report you will find out if the CAHPI/InterNachi standards practice have been met, the method and materials used in the construction of the home, and any conditions that are unsafe, expensive or are not common for the age of the home. Our goal is not to give you a list of deficiencies or chores, rather to give you a good understanding of what Systems your home has, and how to take care of them.

QCI also offers Infrared or Thermal Imaging Inspections. These inspections can take up to a day to complete. To get the best results we must take the images on the outside of your home at different times of the day, and at different temperatures. These inspections help in finding water leaks in Ventilation Systems, Plumbing Systems and problematic electrical circuits. Thermal Imaging Inspections can also determine how Energy efficient your home is.

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