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5 common Home Inspection Mistakes

1) Hiring a Home Inspector for the wrong reasons.
Choosing the right home inspector is a crucial step in your home buying experience. People often go with the home inspector that was recommended to them by their realtor, or they go with cheapest Home Inspector they can find.
Spend some time doing your homework on different home inspectors, find out more about their credentials.
Are they licensed in the Province?
Are they certified in the Province?
Do they carry Home Inspector Errors and Omissions insurance?
Is the company bonded in the Province?
What was their background before they became a home inspector?
Hiring the cheapest home inspector logically poses some common problems. If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring and amateur!
Remember the Home Inspector is the one professional on your side in this home buying process. Home Inspectors are not financially invested in the sale of the property. They receive most of their business through word-of-mouth, Quality Control Inspections looks at every home inspection as though they were buying the property for themselves!

2) Not being present at the Home Inspection
Quality Control Inspections uses Horizon software(link?) to deliver the report to the client. Although the reports clear and concise with full colour images to help explain the conditions, the report is still no match for a first hand account of the Home Inspection. Being able to ask the Home Inspector questions about different conditions that are found in the home will give you a better understanding of which conditions should be a priority over the other conditions.
Being present during the Home Inspection allows the home inspector to build a rapport with you. This builds trust in the inspection he has performed, which will help you be more confident in your decision to buy or not to buy the property.

3) Thinking your Home Inspector can see the future.
Home inspections normally take 3 1/2 hours to complete. This is really a short window of time in
which Home Inspectors has to check all the systems that make up the home. No matter how experienced a home inspector is, they cannot see into the future. We are only there to give you a honest opinion on the condition of the home and it’s systems at the time of the inspection. Home inspections are noninvasive, meaning Home inspectors do not take the different systems in a home apart using tools. As a general rule Home inspectors only operate the different systems in the home in the same way a home owner would do, during the normal course of the day or during regular maintenance checks.
What we can do is find out how old a system is, and let you know if it’s passed or nearing it’s end of life expectancy. We Inspect the different home systems compatibility with each other, are they working and are they working well together? Remember Home inspectors are there to inspect not to sell! We are you best chance at an honest opinion of the property.

4) Not making use of the Free Home Verified(link?) report.
A home verified report is a background check on the property that you wish to purchase. Quality Control Inspections offers this report($70 value) to its customers free of charge. The Home Verified report can be extremely informative to you if you have not lived in the neighbourhood, The report will let you know about crime stats in the neighbourhood, school rankings etc. The home Verified Report also does a complete Insurance history background check on the property, so you will know about any large insurance claims on the property, as well as if your property was ever a grow op, or meth lab. Useful information to have.

5) Not getting Home Inspection conditions taken care of.
Make sure all deal breaking conditions have been looked at before closing the deal on the property. If the condition can be fixed, great, get it done! Larger conditions usually need experts to come in and assess the problem. When a home inspector recommends that an expert is needed to investigate a problem, take his advice. Sometimes these problems turn out to be less important than the home inspector originally thought. Better safe than sorry.

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